All types of water systems are susceptible to infestation by various microorganisms such as slime-forming bacteria, fungus, or molds. At National Colloid, we are poised to help you with any microbiological problem you encounter.


We have long-term relationships with several biocide manufacturers who allow us the opportunity to blend their technologies and/or repackage their proprietary chemistries. This line of products includes oxidizing biocides such as sodium hypochlorite, stabilized bromine, and hydantoin, as well as non-oxidizers including isothiazoline, DBNPA, and WSCP.

Several of our manufacturers including DOW, Clearon, and Sterilex allow us to sell under their proprietary names. Other biocide producers afford us the option of private labeling either under the National Colloid label or using your company name.

Each chemistry has its unique benefits. We recommend glutaraldehyde and carbamates in the war against sulfate reducing bacteria and fungi. Isothiazoline is a broad spectrum microbiocide that is effective for bacteria control. We provide these solutions and over 30+ other products in liquid and/or solid form. We are confident that we can help you find the right combination of microbiological control chemistries for your water treatment system.

Biocide and Biodispersant Stock Product Lists