About Us

National Colloid is located near the Ohio River in Steubenville, Ohio. We are a toll manufacturer of specialty chemicals for use in all phases of water and waste treatment applications.

About UsWe provide chemicals to several hundred customers across North America and offer a full range of services including custom blending, packaging, and labeling. We tailor technical and applications support to solve each customer’s unique problems. National Colloid provides products and solutions that span various industries from commercial/institutional facilities to food processing and industrial plants.

We formulate products that are used in water treatment systems to prevent deposition, inhibit scale and corrosion, and control biological activity. Product offerings range from standard boiler and cooling inhibitors to cleaners and metalworking fluids. We can package in an assortment of sizes from 5 gallon containers to disposable totes.  Bulk packaging and delivery is another service available from National Colloid.

We employ qualified personnel in production, sales, customer support, quality control, product research and development, inventory management, technical consulting, and regulatory support.

The National Colloid Company, with over 75 years experience in the industry, can take care of all of your chemical blending needs and keep you focused on your customer.