The National Colloid Company has made a commitment to supplying all of your chemical needs.  We can provide commodity chemicals to you with the service of a specialty water treatment company. Compare us with the competition:

  • CommodityPricing: We provide pricing stability and economical pricing through market understanding and supply agreements with major manufacturers.
  • Availability of Product: We purchase many products in bulk and have dedicated controlled storage space for packaged product.
  • Packaging and Presentation: We make it our personal responsibility to present your customer with a professionally packaged product reflecting your company name and your product name.
  • Turn Around: Our Customer Service staff always answers the phone and is ready to assist you.
  • Product Quality: Products are always qualified and approved by our regulatory department prior to shipment receipts.
  • Value Added Services: We accommodate customer requests such as special inventory requirements, shipping notifications, and paperwork requirements, and operate in a dynamic manner.
  • View a Partial List of Available Commodity Items.
    Alcohols & solvents
    Aluminum chloride & blends
    Aluminum sulfate & blends
    Calcium chloride
    Calcium nitrate
    Caustic potash flake (KOH)
    Caustic soda flake
    Caustic soda liquid, 10% – 50%
    Chlorinating products
    Citric acid solution, 10% – 50%
    DADMAC (dimethyldiallylammonium chloride)
    De-chlorination products
    DEHA (diethylhydroxylamine)
    De-ice salt
    Ferric chloride & blends
    Ferric sulfate liquid 50%
    Granular salt
    Hydrated lime
    Hydrochloric acid
    Magnesium hydroxide
    NSF polyphosphates
    Organic/inorganic commodities
    Phosphonates (AMP, HEDP, PBTC)
    Phosphoric acid 15% – 75%
    Primary coagulants & blends
    Reducing agents
    Soda ash, dry and liquid
    Sodium bicarbonate
    Sodium bisulfate
    Sodium bisulfite 10% – 38%
    Sodium bromide
    Sodium hexametaphosphate
    Sodium hypochlorite
    Sodium metabisulfite
    Sodium nitrate, liquid and dry
    Sodium permanganate
    Sodium sulfite & sodium sulfite catalyzed
    Sodium tripolyphosphate
    Softener salt
    Solar salt
    Sulfamic acid
    Sulfonated copolymers
    Sulfuric acid, 10% – 50%

Please contact National Colloid for information and pricing on these products and any other commodity items.