We design product formulations to prevent corrosion and scale formation in recirculating, once through, and closed loop cooling water systems. These chemistries also help extend equipment life and are effective in increasing the efficiency of a cooling tower by allowing the tower water to run at higher cycles of concentration.


National Colloid’s team has over 100 combined years of experience in developing cooling water formulas. We have created products for large process systems as well as specialty products individually tailored to meet the needs of a small community hospital.

We rely on proven copolymer technology as the cornerstone of our cooling water product line. This ingredient has exceptional anti-scale properties and has proven time and again that it has no equal in the water treatment industry. We continuously review and test competitive and new cooling water components to keep our customers at the forefront of water treatment. New cooling water building blocks are run through rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the specifications for calcium and phosphate scale inhibition.

We use established rules of thumb to determine effective treatment schemes in both high scaling and demanding corrosive conditions. We employ the use of predictive performance models to augment the experience garnered over the past 5 decades.

We use traditional chemistries for closed loop systems and push the envelope with recently developed products for more complicated environments.

At National Colloid, we can tackle any cooling system that comes your way. Closed loop to once through, soft or hard water, old or new – we’re ready to partner with you.

Cooling and Closed System Stock Product Lists