Customer Support

Customer SupportAt National Colloid, we have listened to our customers so you’ll never have to deal with an automated phone system and long hold times. When you need assistance, the National Colloid Customer Care Team is at your service. We pride ourselves on having the phone answered personally by a member of the best team in the chemical industry. And our service doesn’t end with a phone call.

For your convenience, we receive orders by e-mail, fax, or phone. At the time of the order, we review your customer’s portfolio to ensure that you are ordering the product that is specific to the account. We follow-up with an order confirmation, so you can double check the packaging, shipping details, and quantities. We offer shipping alternatives and check rates from three common carriers to guarantee the most economical freight for the carry.

Customer SupportFinally, we send you a shipping confirmation to verify that the product will be leaving our facility. We provide you the expected delivery date, and we can track the order to the final delivery point to make sure it’s at the destination before you need it.

Each of our customers is assigned a dedicated team member who is familiar with the account. Questions on products, shipping, and invoicing are handled by someone who personally knows your account and your staff. We routinely attend training sessions dedicated to customer service so our associates can handle complex issues. At National Colloid, you can rest assured that our Customer Care Team is committed to providing you outstanding service and exceptional support, from the first phone call to the final delivery.