At National Colloid, we understand the importance your customers place on proper regulation and certification. That’s why we are always willing to work with you to achieve the approvals and certifications that are required in the industry. We have experienced and knowledgeable staff members to assist you in a variety of areas which include:

ISO 9001ISO 9001 – Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. That’s why National Colloid’s quality system has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996. You can rest assured knowing that we strive to meet the highest industry standards of quality, service, and reliability. ISO 9001 reinforces our commitment to continuous improvement and ensures that our customers always receive outstanding support and exceptional products. At National Colloid, every employee is dedicated to delivering the best service and products available to the water treatment industry. We are proud of our ISO 9001 certification because it contributes to our ultimate goal, which is your trust and satisfaction.

NSF ANSI Standard 60NSF/ANSI 60 – National Colloid can help with your drinking water treatment needs. Our plant has gone through the rigorous process and detailed reporting necessary to meet the standards set by NSF for ANSI 60 certification. The NSF Water Treatment and Distribution Systems Program is responsible for the certification of drinking water treatment chemicals and is the nationally recognized health effects standard for chemicals that are used to treat drinking water. This program ensures that any product added to the system does not contribute contaminants to the water that may cause adverse health effects.  We offer several custom blended products that conform to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 that can be sold under the National Colloid label or are available for ANF (Another Name For) relabeling. If NSF certified drinking water treatment chemicals are required, consider National Colloid as your supplier.