Biocide Registrations

Biocide RegistrationBiocides are widely used and an integral part of any water treatment program. While choosing a biocide requires a great deal of thought, registering a microbiocide for end use can be an even more tedious process.

At National Colloid, we take the guesswork out of microbiocides. We assist you with obtaining an EPA establishment number and work with you to determine if you should be selling under your own label or under that of a manufacturer. If volume is sufficient, and a private label makes good business sense, we walk you through the steps of obtaining a supplemental biocide registration which includes generating the label necessary for EPA approval.

Once the new name and label are approved by the EPA, we support you through every state registration you deem appropriate for your business model. We have a wealth of knowledge garnered from navigating the biocide maze. We know the states’ individual nuances, and can guide you through every step.

Don’t let all of the red tape discourage you from marketing custom labeled microbiocides. National Colloid is here to help.