Food Processing

Many water treatment companies are asked to provide additional documentation for proof that the products they apply to food and beverage water systems meet required standards.  National Colloid has made the investment to meet these demands. We have experience with the following agencies and processes:

KosherKosher – National Colloid has been certified by Cleveland Kosher in the manufacture of Kosher compliant products for cleaning, descaling, and boiler treatments. Kosher certification signifies foods that conform to Jewish dietary law. There are three basic steps that comprise the Kosher certification process:  ingredients, equipment, and process. Obtaining Kosher certification for your chemicals ensures that the products meet all requirements for Kosher raw materials and processing. Letters of Certification (LOC) are issued to your company as verification that the products meet Kosher standards.

FDAFDA – We offer stock formulations and custom blended products that meet FDA guidelines for use in boiler applications for steam that may come in contact with food. We provide letters of FDA compliance to assist you with your customer’s requirements.

NSFNSF Nonfood Compounds Registration – NSF Registration is based on the NSF Registration Guidelines (formerly USDA Guidelines for Obtaining Authorization of Compounds to be Used in Meat and Poultry Plants). This program provides product manufacturers, users, and regulatory groups with a proven method to determine product acceptability. Products eligible for NSF Registration include all compounds used in and around food establishments (nonfood compounds). If you have a requirement for NSF Nonfood Compound Registration, look no further than National Colloid. We have the expertise to guide you to product formulations that will meet all the requirements as specified by NSF and we can walk you through the laborious process. Products meeting the NSF requirements are identified in the online NSF White Book™ Listing and registered products are permitted to carry an NSF Registration Mark on the product label.