Pack / Repack


National Colloid offers a full array of packaging solutions to fit your needs. Large or small, National Colloid can provide packaging options that allow you to meet your customers’ demands. Our packaging options include:

  • Packaging & RepackagingCardboard container of  4 x 1 gallon jugs
  • 5 gallon pail, blue or translucent carboy with bung
  • 5 gallon pail, UN approved / white or black open top
  • 15 gallon drum, translucent in color
  • 30 gallon drum, blue or translucent in color
  • 55 gallon drum, blue or translucent in color
  • 275 gallon disposable totes, plastic bladder in cage
  • Disposable totes filled to your specification
  • Customer supplied tote filled to your specification
  • Bulk
  • Other packaging may be available upon request



National Colloid has established a reputation for finding the right package to meet your needs. If you are bringing material into the states in bulk, we can repackage into smaller containers. If you are importing product in drums, we can repackage and make it a bulk load.

We are the company to contact if your favorite supplier no longer handles the package you need. No matter the situation, we can work with you to find a package that fits the application. Look to us as the “repacker” of choice.