Traced Chemicals

Application & Tech Support

Over the last several years markets have begun to shift toward the use of traced products. Traced products can provide valuable real-time measurements and information about your treatment systems. Modern tracer technology enables water treaters to quickly and accurately determine the amount of treatment chemical present in a system at any time. This information is vital to avoid under-treatment or over-treatment of a system, and can help save money by ensuring an optimal feedrate. With some modern tracers being measured accurately at the parts per billion level, this technology adds a lot of value for very little cost!

National Colloid has remained on the cutting edge of traced chemical technology. We offer several different tracing options including PTSA for cooling products, fluorescein for boiler and closed loop products, and sodium molybdate for most applications. All of our traced products are tested rigorously by our quality control department to ensure precise tracer levels. And as always, our customer service and technical departments are here to answer your questions and offer the technical support and services you need to make sure you get the most out of your traced products. Let National Colloid help you stay at the forefront of today’s water treatment technologies.